We’ve Gone and Done It Now

To be more precise, I’ve gone and done it now.  My husband and I are quitting our jobs, renting out the apartment in Sydney and moving back to Kansas City for a year (or more or less, who knows that’s the magic of what we are doing!).  We have absolutely no plans further than me wanting to be near my family and both of us wanting to take some time off the workaday life to do a bit of a regroup and synthesization of information (that’s right. synthesization.  I’m a fraking wordsmith). BUT, in all this grand plan of no plans, we’ve already hit some snags.  Yay! I’ve quit my job and am in Kansas City!  Boo! My husband is still in Sydney, and still working.

The renovations we had to do to get the apartment ready to rent are taking a lot longer than we planned (want to see what we are doing?  Go here) so my husband has graciously stayed behind to finish them while I selfishly flit off to America to hang out with my friends.

Who knows what we’ll get up to this year?  Who knows when my husband will actually be able to get here?  (For our first wedding anniversary?!?) It’s a mystery!  Check this space to find out!

Oh yeah, and it will get much more interesting to look at too, once the husband arrives.  I dream up the pretty things, he makes them happen.  We all have our talents in life.


2 thoughts on “We’ve Gone and Done It Now

  1. I don’t know if you were an American ex-pat living in Sydney or vice-versa, but I know from watching my parents move (Kansas City to Germany to London to Tokyo to Kansas City again…) that the transitions can be very challenging. Good luck! I love Kansas City and I hope this year is a fabulous one. Sounds like you are newlyweds (like me!) so may you be reconnected soon.

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