A No Plan Plan

Before actually making the move, the question of the hour was always ‘what are you going to do over there?’ or its variant ‘do you have a job lined up?’  At the time, it was exhilarating to say ‘we have absolutely no plans!’  Now that I’m here, it is overwhelming and frightening to say ‘we have absolutely NO plans.’  This is in part because we need quite a bit more money for our apartment renovation than we originally planned (THANKS high construction costs in Sydney).  But it’s also because not knowing what you are doing is kind of scary.  Who’d have thought?

It is probably a bit inaccurate to say we have no plans.  We actually have lots of plans.  Some might call them wishes, or pipe dreams, but let’s not get into semantics.  We have about a million and one different internet-based businesses roaming around in our brains (as well as one my husband has been building the database and boring bits of the website for over the last year and a half). I want to get more into graphic design, maybe taking some courses at the junior college.  My husband has entertained the thought of taking, in no particular order, an electrician course, a plumbing course, and a cake decorating course.  Yes.  And of course figure out what all this work that we have been doing over the last few years means.  Do form-based codes really work?  Why has Sydney been getting such horrible built form outcomes? How can you increase density without giving up (at least the typical Sydneysider and American’s concept of) amenity?  How can sustainability be better integrated into our daily work practices?  What does ‘sustainability’ really even mean to us? We’ll solve EVERYTHING!  In a year!


2 thoughts on “A No Plan Plan

  1. Those are some awesome questions to be working on (esp the question of density/amenity). Curious to see your no plan plan unfold!

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