Instant Gratification

Today I spent the afternoon driving all over Overland Park as the whim to buy something hit me.  My total driving radius from my house was 5.4 miles.  My average bicycling radius in Sydney was 1.8 miles.  Kansas City with Car = 3 times greater than Sydney with Bike/Public Transit.  Big Surprise.  Anything beyond that required serious thought about whether or not I wanted ot bike there or figure out public transit.  Even when I was living at the in-laws and had access to a car, I didn’t just hop in the car and drive to a bunch of places.  It was just to hard to get around the city, find the place I needed to go, and get parking.

Maybe it’s because Kansas City has the most lane-miles per capita than any other city in America.  Or maybe it’s because I know metro Kansas City better than metro Sydney.  Or it could be because Kansas City is 50% carpark (no, I can’t back that up).

As I was driving around to wherever I wanted to, I realised how cars give us the ability to have instant gratification.   You can pretty much get to wherever you want whenever you want.  No wonder cars are king.


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