Things I do when I don’t want to be in Sydney

(Ed note: This is my husband’s first post from across the world! Have at it.)

Dear reader(s), I hope you don’t mind this long-ish post. It’s all necessary, trust me…

Anyway, it is truth that at some point I’ll be joining Carolyn in the US. Just not yet.

In the meantime, I’m very consciously trying to occupy my time when I’m not at work or renovating. These spare-time occupations I divide into two classes: wasting time, and being overly inefficient.

Wasting time can include checking news websites repeatedly. Kudos to Google for Fast Flip, by the way. I also watch catch-up TV online, so that I don’t miss shows that are on different channels at the same time. I regularly run out of gossip to read from gossip blogs. Unfortunately, it seems that the internets do come to an end.

Luckily, I am well practised at being very inefficient in how I do things that I do otherwise need to do.

For instance, instead of eating a quick meal I’ll make a stack of blueberry pancakes (from scratch of course). Delicious and time consuming. I’ve had pancakes 3 or 4 times in the last week.

I’ve also made it my business to know all the deals on the market for a portable hard drive. ALL the deals. (And might I say, why would you have on the same page of a catalogue, a 750GB hard drive of the same model line as a 500GB hard drive, for only $1 more? Why would you bother stocking the 500GB model??) I’m dreading actually buying the thing, though, because then the research will be over. On the other hand, I’ll buy it right before leaving Sydney, so that works out fairly well.

There’s one thing I steadfastly refuse to research, though: what I’ll do when I’m in the US. Before the delays in my departure, that would have been fun – now it’s a little depressing. I’m hoping Carolyn will provide some advance inspiration by the time I get there. For now, I’m not only trying to make the internets longer right here, I’ve also signed up to the handy email subscription that Carolyn has added on the right side of the page. That means I’ll be able to write posts, and then log into my email and read them at my leisure as they get sent back to me. Handy, huh?


3 thoughts on “Things I do when I don’t want to be in Sydney

  1. I am a definite sucker for technology.

    Also, I don’t mind them thinking they’re conning me, when I’ve actually been to all the other stores, and I know more about their product than they do. They didn’t realise they were dealing with someone who does ten times more research than they actually needed to, now did they??

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