Come on Down

The only real structure I now have to my days is that I must be at my grandparents’ house to watch the Price is Right at 10:00 AM every weekday. It’s probably time for some more discipline in my life.

Today I realised, as a guy almost fell down while he spun the wheel, I have absolutely no one to talk to about the day’s dramas on the show because NO ONE I know (other than my grandparents and their friends) is even available to watch the Price is Right, much less actually would.  Lost this isn’t.

A little known fact about me (and not in the way I normally mean it when I say ‘little known fact’, which means I am completely making up some point of history):  I was on the Price is Right once.  When I was 21.  I won somewhere around $7600 worth of stuff, including 40 dozen eggs.  I am pretty sure my grandmother is prouder of me for this than anything else I’ve ever done. I’m cool with that.

See, proof (the last still is from the freeze frame with which they choose to go to commercial):


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