Renovation Report: Balcony and Kitchen Pt. 1

As you might know, the reason Jacob is still in Sydney is that we are doing a massive renovation of our apartment (nothing in our apartment has been updated since at least the 60s if not earlier).  I thought people may be interested in seeing what we are doing, as well as provide us with a bit of an archive.  I’ve broken it down by room to make it easier and not such a long post.

The biggest element of our renovation is adding the balcony onto the front of our apartment, because a) it required approval by the rest of the apartment block and by the Council (city),  b) the supports for it go under the kitchen, so it had to be done before other parts of the renovation could happen, and c) it cost the most.

The balcony is the primary reason why Jacob is still in Sydney.  It took forever for it to get approved at Council (THANKS Randwick for sitting on your thumbs for 2 months), it took forever to get a contractor lined up, and then it took forever for the contractor to get the proper insurances. Sigh.

BUT the balcony is going to be so awesome!  It will provide us with private outdoor living area, have ocean views all around it and the bifold doors separating the kitchen and the balcony will allow the kitchen to flow through to the outside.

The apartments below ours and our neighbour beside us (we had to do our balconies together, which wasn’t a problem because our neighbour was very eager) were allowed to build their balconies about 5 years ago.  At the time, there was discussion about doing all 4 balconies at once, but the guy that owned our apartment had NO money (and the guy who owned the neighbouring apartment said there were some shenanigans, but that’s just hearsay), so they built the wood balconies below only.  This proved to be an issue for us, because we didn’t really have anywhere to put posts down to support our balcony, meaning major cantilevering action (and major $$).

Our apartment is on the upper left, pre-renovation.

We ended up having to install steel beams underneath the kitchen floor that jutted out the width of the balcony to hold it up.  These steel beams had to be tied down to interior walls and another steel beam to keep them from lifting up.  What this all means is that the entire kitchen had to pretty much be gutted in order to get the support structure in for the balcony, so we couldn’t redo the kitchen until the beams were in.

Kitchen before the renovation (in the sunrise) and mid-demolition

Well, we finally got started!  The beams are in:

The doorway between the kitchen and the living room has been widened:

on left: before, from kitchen.  On right: after, from living room.

The decking is on the balcony:

And the bifold doors are in!:

Now it’s time to get started on the kitchen…

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8 thoughts on “Renovation Report: Balcony and Kitchen Pt. 1

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  2. How massive a pain in the ass has it been for Jacob living there during all this? i mean, is there any space not torn to hell?

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