The Name of the Game

What’s the name of the game? Well, I’ll tell you what it should be: discipline.  Setting a plan for my day and accomplishing tasks.  Focusing on a few goals that I have instead of giving a bit of energy to tons of dreams.  Posting every day…

Right now, though, the name of the game is fear. In my head I knew that moving back home without a job was going to be hard, but I had no idea the emotional toll it was going to take on me.  And the things I want to do are outside of my comfort zone, requiring a lot of self-confidence.  Difficult Emotional Time and Need for Self-Confidence do not go together.  At all.

I’m trying to work through it and be more disciplined, so that I can get out of this fear valley I’m in.  So here’s the deal I am making with myself:

  1. Post one thing either here or on Gingercycle every weekday.
  2. Do one thing for my forthcoming graphic design project every weekday.
  3. Take my multi-vitamin every day.

Let’s just start with these.


3 thoughts on “The Name of the Game

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