A Day in the Life

The question I get asked most these days is some variation of ‘what do you do all day?’

That’s a very good question.  This is what my day looks like when I am at my peak:

8:00 AM

I get up, make a smoothie, and then go work out at the community center a block and a half from my house.  I am training for a half marathon, not because I am actually going to run a half marathon, but just so I have an exercise schedule with a goal to work towards to keep me on track.

9:30 AM

Home to take a shower.

10:00 AM

I have to be at my grandparents’ house (which is next door) at 10 AM sharp for the Price is Right, or my grandmother makes a comment.  I am usually a minute or two late.  Lately I’ve been doing some tasks around their house while it is on.  There is only so much Price is Right one can watch, though I have been getting quite good at guessing the right price.

11:00 AM

I either stay at my grandparents’ house to get some more work done (filling pill containers, cleaning bathrooms, changing lights, etc) or go back home to skip around the internets a bit.

12:00 PM -ish

I either go to lunch with a friend or family member, or make pasta with zucchini and mushrooms.  Right now if I am making lunch for myself it is almost always that.  I get on food kicks.  The last 3 months of working in Australia, I ate the exact same thing for lunch every day at work (unless I went to lunch with someone or there was some work thing on).


My afternoons are split up between helping my grandparents with things (going to the grocery store, taking them to appointments, running errands), and working on my many endeavors (graphic design website, research into whatever latest career idea tickles my fancy, business plan, diagrams for my dad).  It’s hard to get a good work flow going when I only have an hour or two at a time to work generally.  Also that dang tv draws me in with its inane shows. Oh HGTV, you know how to hook me!


For dinner I usually eat with my dad and stepmom, but sometimes I mix it up and eat with a friend or my mom and/or her side of the family.

6:00 PM onwards

Unless I am doing something random, this time of the day is spent in front of the computer talking to my husband on gchat and quasi-working on a variety of things, like this blog or Gingercycle, researching ideas, etc.  Oh and checking Facebook, reading blogs, and my yahoogroup I have with a bunch of friends.  I do those three things A LOT.

11:00 PM-ish

I try to be in bed by 11, but it usually ends up being closer to midnight.  For some reason I have always hated going to bed, but once I’m in bed I wish I had gone to bed earlier.

So that’s my day.  I feel like I am pretty busy, but it’s not very efficient and I need to focus more on specific tasks.  AND TURN OFF THE TV.  Always with the discipline.  Sigh.


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