Where in the World is My Husband? or: Lessons Learned

Answer: Still in Sydney.

But we do have a flight booked for him! Jacob is officially to touch down on American soil 22 August.  Fingers crossed nothing happens to delay him.

If you would have told me in March that he wouldn’t get to the US until August, I would have said no way.  We knew that renovations usually take longer than you expect, we were just a bit too optimistic.  Lesson learned.  Actually there were lots of lessons learned in this renovation:

Council (i.e. the city) drags its feet until you get shirty with them.

Contractors take a long time to put in bids and get everything organised.

Scheduling construction so it happens in the right order and in a timely manner will make you pull your hair out.

Even if you expect surprises, you will still be surprised.

Everything costs more than you expect.  Everything.


2 thoughts on “Where in the World is My Husband? or: Lessons Learned

  1. ALSO: There is a lot of construction you can do yourself, assuming you have endless patience, attention to detail and time on your hands.

    BUT these are not qualities that are easy to sustain for months on end while you only build on weekends (and subsequently have no weekends).

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