Renovation Report: Balcony and Kitchen Pt. 2

As you might know, the reason Jacob is still in Sydney is that we are doing a massive renovation of our apartment (nothing in our apartment has been updated since at least the 60s if not earlier).  I thought people may be interested in seeing what we are doing, as well as provide us with a bit of an archive.  I’ve broken it down by room to make it easier and not such a long post.

A lot has happened to the balcony and kitchen since the last Renovation Report!  I’ve just been waiting for Jacob to send me some photos, which, lucky for all of us, he has!

The contractors have been hard at work installing the railing around the balcony, sheeting the walls, and laying the bamboo flooring.  The kitchen looks so much more put together with new sheeting on the walls!

Since the flooring is in, the kitchen company could install the cabinetry.  It looks even better than I expected, especially since we went with the money saving plain cabinets.  We had planned on the peninsula sticking out in front of the windows, but Jacob thinks it would work better if we chamfered the corner so the single panel door is more easily accessible.

Jacob in the opening between the kitchen and living room, on the new bamboo floor!

This is the corner that we’re going to have chamfered.  You can see the balcony railing supports in the background.

New cabinets!

More new cabinets!  And a spot for the refrigerator! And a wine rack!

Next up: the Caesarstone countertop!

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6 thoughts on “Renovation Report: Balcony and Kitchen Pt. 2

  1. That looks so good. Bamboo floors! Love. it.
    Jacob will need a good long break when he washes up on the shores of America.

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