Renovation Report: Bathroom Pt. 3

As you might know, the reason Jacob is still in Sydney is that we are doing a massive renovation of our apartment (nothing in our apartment has been updated since at least the 60s if not earlier).  I thought people may be interested in seeing what we are doing, as well as provide us with a bit of an archive.  I’ve broken it down by room to make it easier and not such a long post.

Jacob has been hard at work building our custom vanity and niche in the bathroom.  They are both made of Tasmanian Oak and stained with a walnut stain.  The photos show both mid-installation, I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom!

The glass screen was also installed between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

This weekend the plumber is coming back in to install the fixtures and (I think) the bathroom will be done!

The quality isn’t so great, it was taken from Jacob’s mom’s iPhone. Doesn’t Jacob’s dad make a great model?

Obviously mid-construction…  The niche will be right next to the toilet.

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