Kansas City Good

Kansas City is incredibly green in the summer, particularly in the more established areas.  When I go to a high point in my neighborhood and look out across the area, I pretty much just see tree canopy.  Kansas has the right climate for large deciduous canopy trees to flourish, while Sydney’s climate better supports sinewy eucalyptus.

Kansas City also is great from a cost of living standpoint.  The median household income in the Kansas City metro area in 2006 was $52,359.  In the Sydney metro area  the median household income in 2006 was $60,000 AUD ($47,821 USD at 2006 average exchange rate).  Now compare these incomes to the median house price in each city:  In Kansas City the median house price in 2006 was $186,196.  In Sydney it was $523,000 AUD ($416,846 at 2006 average exchange rate). Sydney’s housing cost 2.2 times that of Kansas City’s, with a lower median household income. Wow.  Kansas City is so much more affordable than Sydney. Maybe it has something to do with my last post about amenity and availability of land for development…


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