Renovation Report: Finished AND Rented!

As you might know, the reason Jacob is still in Sydney is that we are doing a massive renovation of our apartment (nothing in our apartment has been updated since at least the 60s if not earlier).  I thought people may be interested in seeing what we are doing, as well as provide us with a bit of an archive.  I’ve broken it down by room to make it easier and not such a long post.

Jacob has been working furiously to get the apartment done and rented before his scheduled flight out this coming Sunday, and all his hard work paid off!  We have rented out the apartment for the year to a couple that are new lecturers at University of New South Wales.

Overall, we are happy with the renovation.  It looks great, is neutral enough for renting, and is a great basis for adding the extra details that make it ours when we move back into it.

Just to remind you what the bathroom used to look like:

Wow, we lived in this craphole.

Behold!  Where we are NOT living:

And this is what our kitchen looked like (messy, which of course our renovation will solve our cleaning habits as well!):

Kitchen after the renovation:

Proper countertops that are actually deep enough to function!  Cupboards that are finished on the inside!  A BALCONY!  Is this heaven?  No, it’s Clovelly.

So the renovation is done, the apartment is rented, and Jacob is due to head over to America.  Our Year Off is finally kicking off officially!

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