Leaving Sydney

Jacob leaves Sydney in 2 days!

I’m really excited for him to be here, and can’t wait to see what we get up to this year, but him finally leaving Sydney feels like my connections to the city are at last being severed.  And I don’t like that. I want to walk along the coast!  Be in a society that actually puts effort into their attire!  Go to cafes and have fabulous food!  Sit with my friends along the harbour and look at such a beautiful city!

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  When I was in Sydney, I longed to be in Kansas.  Now I am in Kansas, I long to be in Sydney.  Be happy where you are, Carolyn!  It’s just so easy to remember the good and forget the bad.

My sister warned me about this before I moved.  I warned me about this before I moved, I told myself to not get all my hopes up, to be prepared for hardship.  And really?  It hasn’t been that hard. Yeah, I don’t have as much accomplished as I would have hoped by now.  And yeah, money is tight, but we’re doing ok.  I have a lot of irons in the fire. And I’ve got to spend some great time with my grandparents.

But we’re still leaving Sydney…for now.


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