Garage Sale Values

We had a garage sale last week to get rid of all the crap that has accumulated in my dad’s cavernous house.  Having a garage sale gives you great perspective to the relativity of value, and how transient is the value of material things.

When it comes time to decide to get rid of something, things we put a low value on, we put in the pile for the garage sale.  Then, when it comes time to put a price on it, all of the sudden the value increases, because it is worth something to someone and all we see are $$$$$.  But the people who come to the garage sale want to spend as little as possible, they see the value as lower, and know that you are wanting to get rid of this stuff.

I had stuff in the garage sale that was never used.  When I bought it, I paid, say, $10 for it.  Just for the pure fact of me taking it from a store and selling it on, the value decreases, even though the good itself does not change in any way, shape or form.  So why are we accumulating some much stuff?


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