All Quiet on the Western Front

Not a lot of posting coming from me lately.  I don’t feel like I have much to post about, honestly.  Jacob is finally here – yay!  We went to our friend’s lakehouse in the North Woods of Minnesota with some other friends – yay! I was congratulated on my pregnancy by an up-and-coming Minnesotan gay icon – NOT yay, since I am NOT pregnant.  We saw a friend from Arcosanti who lives in Minneapolis – yay!

Otherwise, I’ve mostly been helping my grandparents out, which has gotten more…let’s just say, hygienically intense lately.  I don’t really want to go into  it, and I doubt you would want to read about it.  There definitely isn’t much that is dignified about getting old, and blogging about the specifics certainly wouldn’t help.

Jacob and I have also been working on some freelance projects spread wide across the design field, from websites to graphics, to house additions.  That’s not to say we’re actually making much money, as a lot of it is either stuff we just want to do, or doing for free for others.  But it’s nice to keep our minds working.

I do have several topics stored up in my mind that I would like to write about, I just need to do the back-end work to pull all the bits into a cohesive story.  And that comes back to my favorite word – discipline.  (Sorry dead horse, I can’t seem to stop beating you.)

Hopefully I will kick this quiet spell and get back to a regular posting schedule!


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