Gotta Get Back in Time

My mother can be a rather odd duck.  Example: She gave me a bunch of magazines to read, something she does quite often, and I love it.  However, this time half the magazines were from the Summer of 1997 2007.

It’s actually pretty interesting to read Time and Newsweeks from 3 years ago (I got half way through the New York Times Magazine before realising it was old.  But then again, most of their articles aren’t about current events).  It’s really not that long ago, but the feeling of going back in time is still pretty strong. How our world changes so quickly.

In the Summer of 1997 2007:

Anna Quindlan thinks Hillary Clinton is going to win the DNC presidential nomination and should ask Obama to be her VP.

Twilight is just some kids book.

Iraq is a BIG issue.

Top pick: buy cases custom made for this new phone by Apple called an ‘iPhone’

John Travolta is in drag in Hairspray, and his Edna is “as straight as they come.”  Travolta. Straight. Yeah.

Apparently we’re headed into a new era of modestly dressed girls.

Michael Chertoff has a ‘gut feeling’ we’re headed into period of heightened risk.

Ah, those were the salad days.

(edit: I shouldn’t post things late at night.  By 1997 I meant 2007)


3 thoughts on “Gotta Get Back in Time

  1. Hehe, good to know I’m still sane. Although I thought it was a the-more-things-change-the-more-they-stay-the-same post. Like which president narrowly lost an election, took the results to court and won when the judges voted along party lines? (I think the answer is some guy from the 19th century, ie. Bush just followed suit)

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