Where I’m Going to be November 2nd

I signed up to be an election worker here in my county, in part because it sounded interesting, and also because it pays money and I am a bit broke. Just being honest here (and is there really such a thing as being truly altruistic?  But that is for another time).

The other night was my election worker training.  Before I went to it, I couldn’t figure out what they would be talking about for 3 hours.  The whole process looked pretty easy when I went to vote. Find the person’s name, give them a voting card, put the receipt in the envelope.  No big deal, right?  For 99% of voters, it isn’t a big deal.  But then there’s that other 1%.  The guy who goes to the wrong polling location.  The girl who comes in after polls close.  The girl who registered for an advance ballot, but comes into the polling place anyway.  These people require me to have 3 hours of training to deal with them.  Sounds about right for most anything.

There were two things that the county election commissioner said that stick out:

1) Blogs aren’t considered media.

How, in this age of the internet with venerated newspapers and magazines failing left and right, are blogs not media?  (The question of what is considered media applies to who is allowed in the polling place. Media are not allowed inside a polling place.  A blogger is, according to the election commissioner, because ‘blogs aren’t considered media.’)  It’s just amazing to me that my county, which was one of the first in the nation to move to modern electronic voting machines, is so far behind the times.

2)The server where all the votes are counted and stored is not networked in any way, either internally or externally, and only has a CD burner, so that no viruses could potentially be introduced via flash drive, etc.

So the vote counting server is just like Battlestar Galactica: absolutely no networking whatsoever.


3 thoughts on “Where I’m Going to be November 2nd

  1. How do they protect against incompetent or malicious election workers doing something to the voting server? On Battlestar Galactica they put traitors out into space.

  2. Instead of space they could just banish them to middle-of-nowheres-ville western Kansas and it would be about the same.

    And I’m glad that there are young people working at the polling places. I’m used to the polls being run by a bunch of octogenarians who aren’t usually all that great with technology and now are being trusted to maintain a set of electronic polling devices. I once went to vote at 7:30 am at a location that had 8 electronic ballot boxes. By the time I got there, they were down to 3 that were still working properly. They couldn’t seem to get them started in the first place or back up and running if they had a glitch. Bunch of old people staring at a machine scratching their heads. It was a mess.

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