Things I Miss in Australia

It goes without saying that I OF COURSE miss all my friends over there in Sydney!  Though, I have now said it, so I guess it does not go without saying…

My biggest pains of other-homesickness so far usually have something to do with cooking and eating.  Very similar to the homesickness I got for America when I was in Australia.  The grass is always greener.

I really miss cheap sheets of puff pastry.  I used to make lots of things out of puff pastry in Sydney.  Here in KC, it seems that Pepperidge Farms has the market cornered on puff pastry, and therefore thinks they can charge $4 for a box of two sheets.  Right out.

My pumpkin pies were far better in Australia, because I could buy sweet flan crusts instead of only the boring no-taste regular crusts they have here.  Sorry American friends and family, I am just too lazy to make crusts from scratch.  You don’t even know what you are missing.

I miss my electric tea kettle and being able to make tea very quickly.  According to my friend Dave, I am turning into an old English lady.  He says carrying a full-size umbrella and using it like a cane, wearing a giant straw hat, and having a bike with wicker baskets makes it so.  If he knew I missed my electric tea kettle and tea, he would start talking (actually shouting would be a more accurate verb) in his ‘british’ accent, which sounds like he’s auditioning for an off-off-off broadway role of Eliza Doolittle. ‘ELLO! ‘ULD ‘OU LIKE A SPOT O’ TEA?!?

I miss good scrambled eggs.  Australian cafes consistently make fantastic scrambled eggs, that were slow cooked with lots of butter and cream.  I’ve had good eggs here once, at the Classic Cup.  Everywhere else, they are dry and flavorless.  What it really comes down to, though, is I miss Sydney’s cafe culture.  I miss walking along the coastal path from my apartment to the next beach over to get the best yogurt in the world.  I miss the stylish but too trendy or try-hard design of the cafes.

I am glad to be back in the US at Christmastime, though.  Even after 4 Decembers in Sydney, I still couldn’t get over the combination of Summer and Christmas.


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