Here We Go Again

Jacob and I closed on the house 2 weeks ago (which was, of course, fraught, but that’s another story).  We’ve been so busy with all the renovations so we could move in, I hadn’t gotten around to posting any photos!  So I’m posting a bunch of photos without much in the way of witty comments- I trust you can add your own.


living room and front door

living room

flag border in doorway between living room and kitchen



hallway (after all the painting weve had to do, I hate blue trim now)


bathroom (what you can’t see is the vanity base. The previous owners were so patriotic, even their bathroom vanity was red white and blue- red door! blue door! white frontpiece!

patriotic banner in the bathroom

front bedroom

front bedroom from doorway

back bedroom from doorway (closet area is a mirror of the closet in the front bedroom)

garage (door to kitchen. Stop sign was a bonus that came with the house. It keeps me from riding my bike clear through the back wall)

deck and backyard

So there you have it!  We’re working diligently on painting, getting new carpet laid, installing fake wood flooring, getting plumbing work done, and general decorating.  Hopefully, for all our sakes, we will be done in the next week and I can show you photos of the after!


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