Things that drive me nuts: when people say government workers are treated too well, because they have better benefits, etc than private sector workers. Maybe private sectors workers are treated too poorly.


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  1. People don’t have a clue how compensation works. No matter who one’s employer is, they have a budget for how much they will compensate their employees. Some of it gets funneled to wages, some to benefits, some to taxes, etc. Some category of jobs, often those in which the employees are unionized, have more of their compensation funneled towards benefits (and consequently, less to wages) than other jobs.

    The real complaint that these people have is that the government is spending too much on compensation, but it is hard to say with a straight face that teachers make too much money. So as to sound like less of a fool, these people focus on the benefits.

    • After working in Australia, where the work is 37.5 hours, standard amount of vacation and sick leave is 4 weeks and 2 weeks, healthcare is provided by the government, and your employer is required to pay into your retirement fund 9% of your annual salary (on top of your salary), I am just shocked the Americans are willing to work for so little.

      I also don’t think people realize how much of their total compensation goes toward healthcare, nor how much of their INCREASE in total compensation year-to-year is through rising healthcare costs.

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