Transient Lifestyle

I must have itchy feet.  The longest I’ve lived in one house/apartment/dorm since high school was our apartment in Sydney – 1 1/2 years.

We bought this house with the full intention of only living in it for a year, then renting it out and moving back to Australia. The decisions we make for a year time-frame are a lot different than for a three years plus time-frame.  We don’t want to invest too much, particularly in things that can’t travel with us, like furniture, landscaping beyond the basics, and tools.  So we buy cheap plastic Adirondack chairs, and make raised garden beds out of fencing instead of proper lumber. Things that are consumables. Not really a ‘green’ ethos.  And sometimes it feels way to consumer-oriented.

But on the other hand, when I look at design sites like Apartment Therapy, and lust after people’s perfect-looking homes, I think about how much time and money it took to get their homes looking just so, filled with SO MUCH STUFF. Maybe my lean, transient lifestyle isn’t that bad after all.

And my feet are itching again, I’m ready to get moving.


2 thoughts on “Transient Lifestyle

  1. Yep, it’s an important lesson. Traveling with Claudia and only owning things that can fit on our back has definitely made me scared to come back and find all the crap we own. Every once in a while when we’re hiking or in a city or something with just daypacks, I think about losing the rest of our stuff (changes of clothes, etc.) and that we’d be pretty ok.

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