Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

I love Google, I really do.  I have definitely drunk the Google Kool-Aid.  And I hate Facebook, I really do.  I was late to joining it because it just frustrated me so much.  But from an ease of use standpoint for making ads, Facebook wins, hands down.

Facebook has a much easier interface, that makes sense.  Google has made their own nomenclature (or maybe it’s based on advertising jargon, I don’t know) that makes it difficult to understand what you are doing.

And Facebook sends me update emails about how my ad is doing.  Google? Nope. Instead they just let hundreds of dollars of ads accumulate, without ever notifying me of how the ad is doing. (Brian, you warned me of this!)  And they run my email platform!  My Adwords account and my email account are linked! ARRRGH!


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