Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

I love Google, I really do.  I have definitely drunk the Google Kool-Aid.  And I hate Facebook, I really do.  I was late to joining it because it just frustrated me so much.  But from an ease of use standpoint for making ads, Facebook wins, hands down.

Facebook has a much easier interface, that makes sense.  Google has made their own nomenclature (or maybe it’s based on advertising jargon, I don’t know) that makes it difficult to understand what you are doing.

And Facebook sends me update emails about how my ad is doing.  Google? Nope. Instead they just let hundreds of dollars of ads accumulate, without ever notifying me of how the ad is doing. (Brian, you warned me of this!)  And they run my email platform!  My Adwords account and my email account are linked! ARRRGH!


An Open Letter to Farhad Manjoo of Slate, using 2 spaces

Dear Mr Manjoo,

It’s all well and good that typographers say using two spaces after a period (or after a full stop for the Australians out there) is out of date and unnecessary, but typographers weren’t the ones who taught the vast majority of us about typing.  There’s a reason why two spaces after a period persists –  a lot of us were taught that in middle school/high school.  I’m not old (I’m 31), but even when I was in middle school, we were still using electric typewriters to be taught typing.  After years of typing that way, it’s ingrained into my unconscious.

Even as you say, “every modern typographer” may agree on the one-space rule, most of us, even the educated professionals, have probably never encountered a typographer.  In the age of computers, desktop publishing, and the internet, the typographer has very little jurisdiction.  I- and it looks like a lot of other professional people you have run into- was never corrected in undergrad or grad school for putting in two spaces, so I wonder just how egregious this ‘error’ could be.

One of the things I learned while living and working in Australia is that the spoken and written English language is a constantly changing thing, that is evolving in different ways all over the world.  (If you really want to get worked up about something, think about the Aussie/British word ‘orientate.’  It means the same as ‘orient’, so the extra ‘-ate’ adds absolutely nothing to the word.  Talk about frustrating!)

Regardless of what typographers agree on, as long as most people are taught at an early age that two spaces after a period is correct, the practice will continue.


A Two-Spacer

If you haven’t read Mr Manjoo’s article, you can find it here on Slate.

Oh Chipotle, That is Right Out

Chipotle had a Boorito Costume Contest, where if you dressed up as a processed food product, you could get a $2 burrito on Halloween.  You could also enter a photo of yourself in your costume in front of or in a Chipotle for a chance to win some money or a burrito party for 20.  I thought it would be a fun contest to enter.  I didn’t really think I’d win, because I thought there would be some just phenomenally creative and well-made costumes, but at least I would get a $2 burrito out of it.

I thought a good costume choice would be Easy Cheese, because what is more processed than cheese out of a can? I did a bit of research (5 minutes on a Google Images search) and it looked like no one had ever made an Easy Cheese costume!  I’m an original!  I decided to make it out of felt so that it could do double duty and I could wear it in a 5K I was going to run Halloween weekend.  I worked all week on it, cutting out the felt, figuring out how to do a cheese floret.  The end result was simply amazing:

Easy Cheese at the 5K

Easy Cheese at Chipotle

Well, I didn’t win, but I am still mad, even though I didn’t think I would have much chance of winning.  I’m mad because of who did win. (I’m also a little bit mad that my oh-so-original costume idea ended up not being quite so original.  Harrumph.)  And just to be clear, I’m mad at Chipotle, not the people who won.

There are two main reasons why I am mad about who won:

1. People won the runner-up prize that didn’t play by the rules.

I little information about me:  I am a stickler for rules.  My friends and I play an informal game of Jeopardy every day, where one friend emails out the clues, and the rest of us email back our questions/answers.  As anyone who has EVER watched Jeopardy knows, unless you state your answer in the form of a question, you don’t win.  Well, some of my more lazy friends just respond with one word, without putting their answer in the form of a question. THIS DRIVES ME NUTS.  I AM PETTY.  (I also don’t like line cutters.  Being in France drove me nuts as well.)

Back to the rant at hand- the contest rules clearly stated that submitted photos had to be taken either in or in front of a Chipotle.  TWO of the runners-up submitted photos that were NOT taken in or in front of a Chipotle.  Totally not cool, Chipotle.

2. Some of the costumes that won were lame.

There. I said it.  Chipotle chose some pretty lame winners.  Not all of them, mind you.  Jay’s, of course, was awesome, but he is a master costumer. The Vienna Sausages were quite well done.  The grand prize winner at least had dedication. But a lot of the rest of them?  Lame.  And the other Easy Cheeses?  LAME.  Let’s take a look at my costume doppelgangers:

What is that, 5 minutes of work?

(source: Chipotle)

The ‘cheese’ is a bit cooler, but the can?  Did their kid make it?

(source: Chipotle)


So there you have it.  I’m bitter, and indignant.  Thanks Chipotle.  (And thanks everyone for reading my rant!)