Different Kinds of Online Conversations

I’ve been thinking about my different interactions with people online, depending on the platform.

I use email for inside jokes, private conversations and things no one but the recipient would care about.

I’m in a Yahoogroup with a bunch of close friends (and people who have become close friends) for behind closed door conversations: things that are inappropriate the general public, like pooping habits, un-PC comments, and lots of beeping and nonsense.

Facebook conversations are generally lighthearted barroom banter (and sometimes heated political discussions) with friends and their friends.

Twitter is for public declarations and short conversations with acquaintances about common interests. I tend to do more calling out of problems I have with companies on Twitter.

With blog post comments, it depends on the blog.  With lifestyle/mommy/design/wedding blogs – it’s always nice! lots of exclamation points!  I agree with you! Like me! With newspaper blogs, it’s almost always a scathing critique of whatever the article was about, a fly-by rant that I throw out in the world without bothering to see what the world throws back. With snark blogs, I’m just a lurker, enjoying the schadenfreude, but too scared to join in.

How do you talk on the internet?